I wish to thank the following people, whose support I gratefully acknowledge.

Mr. Danilo Clemente from Resia, Udine, Italy in 2005 first told me the story of the American bomber crashed among the mountains during World War II and guided me to visit the accident site. It all started there. Danilo also provided me with the beautiful photographs of Resia that can be seen in this website.
Ms. Devorah Segall, USA, niece of the late Lt. Jerome L. Solomon, kindly supplied a beautiful picture of her uncle in uniform and provided additional information.
Mr. Travis Venters Jr, USA, son of the late Lt. Travis R. Venters, kindly supplied additional information.
Mr. Steve Kirsch, USA, grand-nephew of the late Sgt. Thomas V. Marino, kindly supplied some beautiful photographs of the crew and some additional details.
Mr. Paul K. Gearty, USA, brother of the late Sgt. Chester L. Gearty, kindly sent me copies of some private papers and a picture.
Ms. Sim Smiley, USA, searched the National Archives and Records in Washington, DC and kindly supported me in contacting other American historical institutes.
Mr. Roy Tebbutt of the Carpetbagger Aviation Museum, Harrington, Northamptonshire, UK kindly provided me with some fundamental documents about the history of 885th Bombardment Squadron.
Mr. Giorgio Zuzzi, Udine, Italy, kindly shared with me the information and the documents that his son, the late Tommaso Zuzzi, had found about the Resia B-24 Liberator: Tommaso had been the first to investigate the accident.
Mr. Ralph Cavaliere, New York, an USAAF Sergeant and B-24 tail gunner with the 885th Bomb Squadron, who kindly shared many invaluable stories and information about his World War II experience with the Special Duties Units. Sadly, Ralph passed away on October 10, 2020.
Ms. Tammy A. Hepps, USA, kindly quoted this work in her historical website about the Jewish community of Homestead, Pennsylvania:
Mr. Daniel L. Stockton, USA, kindly provided me with additional information.
Mr. Jaap Vermeer, The Nederlands, and Mr. Rolland Swank, USA, kindly provided me with a photograph and additional information about Lt. Solomon.