From this page you can download some information about the men, the aircraft and the missions of 885th Bombardment Squadron. Please note that the information are incomplete and the research to extend and complete them is a continuous work in progress.

The list of personnel is the result of research from some original documents and from some selected internet sources. A rather complete personnel list has been compiled thanks to the last document findings: as on March, 2018 a total of 955 men have been listed. The names have been checked one by one and the ASNs have been cross-checked with the NARA database information which, unfortunately, is not 100 % complete.

The Operations Logs have been rearranged from an incomplete copy of the original 885th BS Military History compiled by the CO Col Monro MacCloskey.

Any comments, supplements, suggestions or corrections would be welcome. As the files are periodically updated, please check the revision number that follows each filename.

Reprocessed and merged information

List of personnel 885th BS 1944-45 rev 10
List of 885th aircraft rev 1
885th BS Operations log 1944 09 rev 1
885th BS Operations log 1944 10 rev 1
885th BS Operations log 1944 11 rev 1
885th BS Operations log 1944 12 rev 1
885th BS Operations log 1945 01 rev 1
885th BS Operations log 1945 02 rev 1
885th BS Operations log 1945 03 rev 1
List of MTO RAF and USAAF SO targets 1943-45 rev 3

A tale of the 885th BS by Ralph Cavaliere
(this is copyrighted material and can only be downloaded for personal, private reading)

A tale of the 885th – Ralph Cavaliere, NY

Original documents

19440519 15th AF GO539 MacCloskey DFC award
19440609 MAAF HQ Congratulations message
19440616 DTSS Commendation message
19440909 Croix de Guerre assignment
19440918 SPOC Commendation
19441016 Mission 89 sortie report
19441019 RAF Congratulations message
19441101 First Unit citation
19450215 Yugoslav decorations
19450224 SOE Congratulations message
19450507 Second Unit citation
19450517 Twining commendation