John H. Brascher

John H. BrascherBadge-bombardier
Second Lieutenant, USAAF


Army Serial Number  O-691631
MOS code 1035 (Bombardier) [1]

Born on 25 August 1915 in New York and died at the age of 29.
In 1930 John lived with his uncle in Spring Street, Huntington Village, New York [2].
When he left for the war John was already married with Beverly B. Brascher. The couple lived at 29 Gabrielle street, Manchester, New Hampshire [3].
John begun his service with the 464th Bombardment Group (Heavy).
He was transferred to the 885th Bombardment Squadron on 16 September 1944 [4].
He flew twelve special missions with the 885th BS totaling over 89 hours of combat time [5].

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