Warren Sies

Warren SiesBadge-engineer
Sergeant, USAAF


Army Serial Number 17083379
MOS code 748 (Airplane Mechanic – Gunner) [1]

Born on 30 July 1922 in Lorraine, Kansas and died at the age of 22.
In 1930 the Warren’s family lived at 19 Avenue Wichita, Lorraine, Kansas [2].
Warren had attended Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science, Manhattan [3]. He was enlisted on September 15, 1942 and he was initially assigned to the 460th Bombardment Group (Heavy), 763rd Bombardment Squadron. He was transferred to the 885th Bombardment Squadron September 11, 1944 [4].
On the night of 16 October of 1944 Warren was, altogether, on his 20th mission aboard a bomber [5]. Of these, he flew twelve special missions with the 885th totaling over 96 hours of combat time.

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