Great news!

Great updates, at last!

Thanks to Devorah Segall, niece of Lt. Solomon, a beautiful picture of the pilot in his uniform has now been added to the website.

Thanks to the kindness of Sgt. Ralph Cavaliere, who served with the 885th BS and is a passionate follower of this site, an extraordinary first-hand tale is now freely available in the Download section. Ralph generously granted his permission to publish the story, for the benefit of all those interested in having an insight into everyday’s life with the 885th (Please note that it is copyrighted material! It can be only downloaded  for personal, private reading).

Thanks to the continuous flow of new information coming from the readers of this website, many of whom are the descendants of the men of the glorious 885th, I have been able to prepare a new revision (# 9) of the List of personnel ; it is also available in the Download section. The list is much more accurate and complete, if compared with its previous releases.

Mr. Daniel L. Stockton has also informed me that, according to recent research, the nickname “Hi-Ho Silver” can not be associated with B-24 42-51778, as was previously believed. In fact, ship No. 50 from the 461st BG, 766 BS, pictured with that nickname, was B-24G 42-78202, as stated in MACR 6895. I have corrected the relevant information.

As usual, any comments or suggestions are welcome!